BG3: What Are the Effects of Auntie Ethel's Potions? (2024)

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Baldur's Gate 3 has one magnificent quest that involves a merchant, , a damsel in distress, a sinister bog of eternal stench, a witch's lair with masked slaves, and a veritable treasure trove of mysterious loot. A significant part of this loot is an intriguing selection of unique potions brewed by old Auntie Ethel herself. Bottled in handmade clay flasks and tagged with names and descriptions as enticing as they are sinister, it's tempting to begin consuming them to find out what each of them does.

True adventurers might be itching to try Auntie Ethel's concoctions -- or at the very least, to drop them on their enemies. However, going through ten bottles might be too much, even for the thirstiest of characters. Not all of Auntie Ethel's potions are safe and beneficial to consume. Some are designed to not just harm, but permanently maim the consumer, which could mean anything from making the skin crawl to suffering a curse strong enough to reduce important character stats. Despite Baldur's Gate 3 encouraging players to explore, there are some things that are best reserved for the party's enemies.

Updated on January 25, 2024 by Jennifer Melzer: Depending on how a player's interactions go in the Druid Grove in Act 1 of Baldur's Gate 3, Auntie Ethel can be easily missed. Though she presents herself as a sweet, little old lady out plying her wares and overly concerned about the player's affliction, under her cunning exterior lurks a sinister danger even the most experienced adventurers try to avoid. As a powerful Hag, Auntie Ethel is definitely up to no good. Players who choose to stand against her and save the human girl Mayrina from her own folly will first have to find her, and following Auntie Ethel into her lair is a dangerous quest to take on. Fortunately, the greater the risk, the more handsome the reward, and the potions uncovered in the hag's lair are definitely worth it.

Auntie Ethel Presents As A Harmless Old Healer

There Is Something Sinister Lurking Behind Her Innocent Appearance

Auntie Ethel's Stat Block



Monster Type

Green Hag

Ability Scores

STR: 18; DES: 14, CON: 16; INT: 13; WIS: 14; CHA: 14

Passive Abilities

Alert, Fey Life, Darkvision

Legendary Action

Weird Magic Surge (Honor Mode)

Hit Points

112/145 (Honor Mode)

Armor Class




Baldur's Gate 3: 12 Things To Complete Before Finishing Act 1

Baldur's Gate 3 is a huge game, with players likely to spend upwards of 30 hours in Act 1 alone. Here's what to complete before moving on.

Auntie Ethel is a powerful NPC merchant and possible boss the player character can encounter first in the druid enclave in the Emerald Grove, and then later in the Sunlit Wetlands. Upon meeting her in the Emerald Grove, she presents herself as a concerned, elderly auntie figure. After noticing something is wrong with the player character, and taking a quick look, she offers to help get rid of their parasite if they come back with her to her home.

Players with high perception can sense almost immediately that there is something strange about the little old healer, but not acting on those suspicions is recommended to gain access to her potion stocks for trade. This is a great opportunity to gain access to potions like Corelion's Grace, Hill Giant Strength, Healing and more early in the game. Since communication with her in the Druid Grove is generally convivial, take advantage of the opportunity to trade, and follow up by meeting her at her home in the swamps.

Journeying toward her home leads to an interaction between Auntie Ethel and two male characters who accuse her of taking their sister, Mayrina. Defending her against the brothers is easy enough, and it earns an open invitation to her home, the Riverside Teahouse. Continuing the journey to her home provides plenty of opportunities to recognize that there is something sinister going on, which is further confirmed upon meeting the aforementioned Mayrina in her home.

Provoking a battle with Auntie Ethel in an effort to save Mayrina reveals her true nature as a Green Hag of the Feywild. Following the hag into her into her dangerous lair leads to some incredible rewards, including a collection of highly useful potions that come in handy as the party journeys into Acts 2 and 3. If rising to the challenge of a boss encounter with her in the Overgrown Tunnel, take heed: Auntie Ethel has plenty of tricks up her sleeve, so be wary of crossing her.

Where to Find Auntie Ethel's Potion Stash

All of Auntie Ethel's Potions

A Mother's Loathing

Temporary ability

Heart of Stone

Temporary buff

Wilted Dreams

Temporary debuff

Lost Time

Temporary debuff

Faltering Will

Temporary debuff

Butterflies in the Stomach

Temporary debuff

Insanity's Kiss

Temporary debuff

Missing Pets

Temporary debuff

Broken Promises

Indefinite debuff

Lover's Avarice

Indefinite debuff


15 Best Baldur's Gate 3 Early Game Spells

The sheer number of spells in Baldur's Gate 3 can be overwhelming. However, some key spells will help players throughout the game's early stages.

Upon first meeting Auntie Ethel in the Druid Grove, she makes it clear that she doesn't have any of her most powerful potions with her. This prompts an invite back to her home, but even there she won't have the good stock on offer when trading with her. The truly potent elixirs are hidden away, and won't be discovered until after venturing through her terrifying lair and defeating her.

Coming upon her Hag Lair at the back of her dismal tunnels, players will find a virtual treasure trove of goodies that include the Bitter Divorce Wand, the Staff of Crones and a collection of potions that offer a myriad of effects. Some of them are safe for consumption, while others could very well curse or permanently debuff whoever guzzles them down.

Which of Auntie Ethel's Potions Are Safe to Consume?

It's Never Wise To Drink A Potion With Unknown Effects

A Mother's Loathing

This potion grants the drinker the gift of Bite. Bite is a powerful, rechargeable attack that does 2d4 piercing damage and can be used once per turn. The effects last until the next long rest. Although it's a fun extra for players who want to pretend that they are vampires, it works best stacked with Astarion's more powerful Vampiric Bite, which is only usable once per long rest. Since this is a one use only potion, saving it for later in the game is important.

Heart of Stone

This is powerful little potion that prevents Poison Damage until the next rest. Curiously, one of the ingredients is malachite, a mineral that can be easily found in Early Access, which is described as an amulet that parents give children to ward them from nightmares. While it may not longer be as significant in the full-release, this potion's ingredients seem to suggest that nightmares may just be poison.

Auntie Ethel's Temporary Debuff Potions Are Safe to Consume

These Potions Are Best Used When Thrown at Enemies

BG3: What Are the Effects of Auntie Ethel's Potions? (3)


Baldur's Gate 3: What Each Companion Sees in the Necromancer's Mirror

In Baldur's Gate 3, players and their companions see different things in a magic mirror, and these have implications for each character.

Wilted Dreams

In theory, Wilted Dreams does 3d6 of Psychic Damage during the player's next long rest, but in practice the effects have not been implemented yet. However, its name suggests that it might interact with the player's tadpole character (the Dream Lover). Those who have little faith in their Dream Lover might get a kick out of drinking this potion, and one can't help wondering if it wouldn't be enough to potentially prevent the Dark Urge player character from murderously lashing out in their sleep.

Lost Time

Depending on the player's class, the effects of Lost Time might be devastating during the next combat. Lost time slows the character down, reducing their armor class by two, and prohibiting their ability to take reactions during combat for the duration of 50 turns. That may seem like a long time, but it's really only five minutes. In combat, ten rounds of fighting last for approximately one minute. Instead of drinking it, toss it into the fray to stop an enemy in their tracks. This potion is an incredibly valuable asset in big battles, like facing off against those nasty shadows while guarding Halsin's portal to the Shadowrealm in Act 2, or taking out Astarion's vampire master in Act 3.

Faltering Will

Whatever the player does, they should avoid drinking "Faltering Will" before facing any enemies that may target Wisdom during combat. Drinking this potion gives a disadvantage on Wisdom Saving Throws until the next rest. The beauty in this is that magic users who rely on Wisdom to cast their spells, like clerics, will have advantage on attack rolls against creatures suffering from this effect. That makes Faltering Will another great potion to hold onto until going up against an enemy who needs their Wisdom to survive.


Baldur's Gate 3: How the Companion's Blood Tastes, According to Astarion

In datamined files from Baldur's Gate 3, Astarion discusses his favorite bites, revealing how the blood of the early access companions tastes.

Butterflies In The Stomach

Despite sounding like something fun and peaceful, Butterflies in the Stomach is an incredibly destructive poison. Concocted to make the drinker hemorrhage for four turns and suffer 1d6 piercing damage at the end of each turn, it might be okay for a barbarian, but it shouldn't really be necessary unless they're raging too far from combat. Since staying alive is the end goal, this potion is best kept for enemies. Perhaps it could make Orin the Red slightly less intimidating for a few rounds of combat, but only lob it at her if there are no allies in range.

Insanity's Kiss

Another Auntie Ethel classic, this potion acts like a short-term mask, making the drinker turn extremely hostile to all other creatures in the vicinity. Lasting five rounds, the highly destructive player could potentially take out their entire party without actually meaning to. Throwing it into combat from a distance could be beneficial, but the targeted enemy becomes hostile to all creatures in its vicinity. It's best to chuck this into a horde of enemies that aren't currently surrounded by allies.

Missing Pets

This potion causes one of the mildest debuffs, but the thought of it alone is enough to make the skin crawl. As illusory spiders climb over the drinker's body, the character gains disadvantage on ability checks and attack rolls for three turns. This is a great way to put a damper on those enemies that have multi-attacks, at least for a little while.

These Auntie Ethel Potions Curse the Drinker, So Beware


Best Baldur's Gate 3 Companions, Ranked

Baldur's Gate 3 features some of the best companions in any game, and some still manage to rise above expectations.

Broken Promises

Broken Promises is a deceptive potion: upon drinking it, the character will immediately gain two Strength, which will last until their next long rest. For characters with little strength, this might seem like a blessing, until they take a long rest. After a long rest, the STR score decreases indefinitely by 1, which is a huge problem in a game where so many fights can be won by throwing your enemies off a cliff.

On the other hand, caster characters who don't usually rely on STR can more safely experiment with this potion to improve their odds for a day. If losing that one extra STR point proves to be too much of a loss, this curse can be negated by the Level 3 Abjuration spell: Remove Curse.

Lover's Avarice

While it's said this potion smells sweet like roses and honey, there is an underlying stench of rot that's impossible to miss. For those who do miss the subtle aroma of decay, this is one potion that shouldn't be consumed under any circ*mstances. Lover's Avarice will permanently decrease the character's Wisdom by one. As with Faltering Will, one should not drink this right before confronting enemies that target Wisdom, or if a character uses Wisdom to cast their attacks.

This potion can also be thrown to create a harmful effect on an enemy. Rather than guzzling it down to see what happens, maybe toss it at someone who really deserves it, like Ketheric Thorm. The effects of Lover's Avarice are a curse, so they can be removed with the aforementioned Abjuration spell, but until someone in the party has access to Remove Curse, it should probably be avoided.

BG3: What Are the Effects of Auntie Ethel's Potions? (7)
Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 is arole-playing video gamedeveloped and published by Larian Studios. It is the third main installment in the Baldur's Gate series.

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Larian Studios


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Baldur's Gate 2
BG3: What Are the Effects of Auntie Ethel's Potions? (2024)


BG3: What Are the Effects of Auntie Ethel's Potions? ›

Auntie Ethel's Potions

What happens if Auntie Ethel helps you? ›

So, what do you get if you agree? First off, your character will visually get a whited out eye. This will give you the Paid the Price condition, meaning you have +1 on Intimidation checks but disadvantage on Perception checks or when you're fighting Hags.

What happens if you wear Auntie Ethel's mask? ›

Using The Whispering Mask

Authie Ethel will frequently force the wearer to attack their party members and make other poor decisions.

Should you drink the Hags potions? ›

As so many of these potions have no use other than to experiment with, they are really not that useful to pick up - they don't even sell for much gold. The only ones that may provide any semblance of usefulness are the Heart of Stone, Broken Promises, and A Mother's Loathing potions, and those are situational at best.

What does Auntie Ethel drop? ›

Attacking Mayrina reveals Auntie Ethel once again. Once defeated, she drops Corellon's Grace, a quarterstaff great for unarmored characters, and a Tarnished Charm, which makes it easier to make saving throws against dying. Mayrina has some choice words for a rescue she did not want.

Is Auntie Ethel's deal worth it? ›

Baldur's Gate 3 is all about making choices, and some decisions are certainly worse than others. However, siding with Auntie Ethel is a decision that just doesn't make sense because the drawbacks far outweigh the benefits.

Should you spare Auntie Ethel in BG3? ›

spare her it prevents possible bugs from happening in act 3 you can rescue the girl though if you pass a check and still get the stat boost.

What level to fight Auntie Ethel? ›

How to beat the Hag Auntie Ethel in Baldur's Gate 3. To beat the Hag Auntie Ethel in Baldur's Gate 3, there's a few things to keep in mind. You'll want to be at least level 4 and ideally a couple of levels higher to fight (check our guide on the Baldur's Gate 3 level cap to see how high your options currently go).

What does bitter divorce do? ›

Bitter Divorce is a wand that can (sort of) raise the dead.

Are any of Auntie Ethels potions good? ›

Not all of Auntie Ethel's potions are safe and beneficial to consume. Some are designed to not just harm, but permanently maim the consumer, which could mean anything from making the skin crawl to suffering a curse strong enough to reduce important character stats.

Should I tell Auntie Ethel about the parasite? ›

While Shadowheart will protest at the idea of you telling Auntie Ethel what's up with you, you'll need to tell her that you're infected with a Mind Flayer parasite. She is immediately concerned and sympathetic, then mentions that she might have something to help back home.

What happens if you drink from Ethel's Well? ›

The well gives everybody who drinks out of it a +10 health point buff until taking a long rest. For those planning on engaging in any amount of combat, this means that drinking from the well should be considered a daily activity for every party member.

Should I let Auntie Ethel take my eye? ›

Allowing Auntie Ethel to take your eye changes the appearance of one eye of your choice and gives you Paid the Price (Condition). You cannot take this deal if Volo has already replaced one of your eyes or if you are playing as Wyll.

What happens if you let Auntie Ethel live? ›

She offered me power (AKA, an ability point) if I let her live and gave her Mayrina. I could negotiate and offer just Mayrina's unborn child, or persuade Ethel to give me the ability point and Mayrina while being happy I let her live.

Can you resurrect Mayrina's husband in BG3? ›

You will find Mayrina outside of the tree house next to the coffin with the dead husband. You can use the Bitter Divorce wand to resurrect him. Sadly, Connor will become a zombie, controlled by the wand. You can give the wand to Maryna, and she will return it to Baldur's Gate.

What happens if you tell Auntie Ethel about the parasite? ›

Auntie Ethel

(Quest Save Mayrina) She offers to help you remove the parasite in exchange for one of your eyes. (Your companions will disapprove that.) However, if you really agree to do so, she will fail, Due to it been tainted by strange shadow magic. And you gain a permnant debuff.

What power does Ethel give you? ›

Auntie Ethel's Hair is a common item that can be used to permanently increase a character's Ability Score of your choice by 1.

Can you save Ethel's victims? ›

Although they will make Ethel's fight much harder if you ignore them, saving them may be the moral decision. If you want to make the fight easier and also save them, knock them unconscious but refuse to take off their masks. Otherwise, their minds will collapse, and they will die.

How to save the girl from Auntie Ethel? ›

Mayrina's cage will also be set ablaze, and she'll die if the cage reaches 0 HP. So, in order to save Mayrina, be sure to send someone over to the control orb on the far side of the room to save her. Ethel may also attempt to make Mayrina seem like an illusion.

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