Every Snapchat Slang And Acronym Meaning Explained (2024)

In this vibrant world of Snapchat slang, where every snap holds a hidden message, and every abbreviation reveals a story. This handy guide will help you understand the Snapchat slangs used on the app, covering everything from HRU to TBH and everything in between.

What does HRU mean on Snapchat?

How are you: When someone sends “HRU” on Snapchat, they’re asking how you’re doing and wanting to catch up. Example:

Person 1: Hey! Long time no chat. HRU?
Person 2: Hey! I’m good, thanks for asking. How about you?

WtM meaning in texting on Snapchat

What’s the move: This is a casual way of asking about someone’s plans or intentions in a chat or text conversation. Example of WtM in texting:

Person 1: WtM? Are we going to Sandy’s place, or what?
Person 2: Yeah, let’s do it!

What’s the use of AMOS slang?

Add Me On Snapchat: AMOS slang is used to request someone to add them as a friend on the Snapchat app. Example:

Person 1: Hey, just saw your story! AMOS?
Person 2: Yeah, definitely!

What do you mean by MK on Snapchat?

Mmm, okay: MK is a way of agreeing with or acknowledging something, often with a hesitant or slightly judgmental tone. Example:

Person 1: I think we should go with themed decorations for the party.
Person 2: MK

ISTG meaning in texting on Snapchat

I swear to God: ISTG expression is used to confirm the truthfulness or sincerity of a statement. Example:

Person 1: ISTG, I did not cheat on the test.
Person 2: Yeah, definitely!

What’s the use of HMU slang?

Hit Me Up: It’s often used to encourage someone to contact or reach out to them. Example:

Person 1: Hey, I heard you’re throwing a party this weekend. HMU if you need any help.
Person 2: Thanks! Will do.

What does LMS mean on Snapchat?

Like My Status: This slang is often used to encourage engagement from other users. Additionally, it can also mean “Last Man Standing” or “Let Me See,” depending on the context. Example:

Person 1: Just posted a photo of my new haircut! LMS if you think it suits me.
Person 2: Liked! It looks great on you!

ASL meaning in texting on Snapchat

Age, Sex, Location: ASL is used to ask for someone’s personal details, particularly their age, gender, and location. Example:

Person 1: Hey, what’s your ASL?
Person 2: I’m 25, male, and I’m from New York.

What do you mean by FRL on Snapchat?

For Real: FRL is often used to check if someone’s being serious or to express agreement with them. Example:

Person 1: I finally got the job I interviewed for!
Person 2: FRL? That’s amazing, congrats!

What’s the use of ion Snapchat slang?

I don’t: It’s commonly used in informal conversations to express a lack of interest, knowledge, or agreement. Example:

Person 1: Are you going to the concert tonight?
Person 2: Nah, ion feels like it.

What does WYLL mean on Snapchat?

What You Look Like: It is a method for individuals to request photos, videos, or additional details about someone, typically within a private conversation. Example:

Person 1: After months of chatting online and hours of calls, I still don’t know WYLL.
Person 2: Can we meet up sometime soon?

NRS meaning in texting on Snapchat

No Replies: It’s typically used when someone is unable to send snaps repeatedly, like when they’re going to sleep or not feeling up to it. Example:

Person 1: Hey, wanna start a streak?
Person 2: Sorry, NRS tonight. I’m about to head to bed.

What’s the use of SMO slang?

Serious Mode On: It’s indicating that someone is posting something in a serious or non-humorous manner. Example:

Person 1: Just found out about the situation. SMO, we need to discuss this.
Person 2: Agreed.

Snapchat slang TBH means?

To Be Honest: It’s often used before a statement to indicate that the person is about to express their honest opinion or thoughts. Example:

Person 1: What’s your go-to snack during movie nights?
Person 2: TBH I’m not a big fan of french fries. I prefer potato chips.

What does SCM mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat Me: Users use SCM to ask their friends or followers to send them a snap, which could be a photo or a short video. Example:

Person 1: Hey, just got a new phone! SCM if you want to send me some snaps to break it in?
Person 2: Sure.

ESB meaning in texting on Snapchat

Everyone Snap Back: ESB is used to encourage everyone in a group chat to respond with a snap. Example:

Person 1: Just got back from a hike! ESB if you want to see some scenic snaps.
Person 2: Sounds amazing! ESB, I want to see those views!

What’s the use of PU Snapchat slang?

Pop Up: This slang refers to someone asking for another user to appear or visit them in person. Example:

Person 1: Feeling bored, wishing something exciting would happen.
Person 2: PU if you want some company!

What does HY mean on Snapchat?

Hell yeah: HY is an acronym that can be used similarly to expressions like “Absolutely!” Example:

Person 1: Want to go to the concert tonight?
Person 2: HY! I’ve been waiting for this concert for weeks!

IDM meaning in texting on Snapchat

I Don’t Mind: It’s used to convey an easygoing and indifferent vibe, expressing a relaxed attitude or showing openness to different possibilities. Example:

Person 1: Should we order pizza or Chinese for dinner?
Person 2: IDM, whatever you prefer!

Every Snapchat Slang And Acronym Meaning Explained (1)

What’s the use of SB Snapchat slang?

Snap Back: When you’re in the middle of an active Snapstreak with a friend, or you’ve just received a Snap. In this scenario, someone might message you “SB” to respond with a Snap. Example:

Person 1: Just got a new pet!
Person 2: Aw, cute! SB and show me some pictures!

What do you mean by ISK on Snapchat?

I Should Know: This slang acronym is used when someone feels they should be aware of something or should have knowledge about a particular topic. Example:

Person 1: What’s the name of that restaurant we went to last month?
Person 2: ISK, I’ll check my messages to see if I can find it.

What does SU mean on Snapchat?

Swipe Up: This is often used in Snapchat stories or messages to encourage viewers to swipe up on the screen to access a link or additional content. Example:

Person 1: Where can I find it?
Person 2: Just check my latest story and SU for the full video!

TTM means in the text on Snapchat

Talk To Me: It’s used when someone wants to encourage another person to start a conversation or respond to them. Example:

Person 1: I’ve been feeling so bored lately.
Person 2: Same here! TTM when you get a chance, let’s catch up.

What’s the use of LMR Snapchat slang?

Like My Recent: It’s used when someone wants their friends or followers to like their most recent post or story. Example:

Person 1: I just posted some new vacation pics, LMR!
Person 2: Awesome!

What does SMH mean on Snapchat?

Shaking My Head: This slang is used to express disappointment, disbelief, or frustration. Example:

Person 1: I can’t believe I forgot my keys at home again!
Person 2: SMH, that’s the third time this week!

What does Snapchat slang ‘FFF’ mean?

Follow For Follow: It’s a way for users to mutually agree to follow each other to increase their follower count. Example:

Person 1: Trying to get my follower count up! FFF?
Person 2: Sure, I’ll follow you back right now!

What do you mean by ICL on Snapchat?

I Can’t Lie: It is used to emphasize honesty or to highlight that the following statement is truthful. Example:

Person 1: What did you think of the new movie?
Person 2: ICL, it was one of the best films I’ve seen this year!

TFW meaning in texting on Snapchat

That Feeling When: TFW is used to describe a specific emotion or situation that others can relate to. Example:

Person 1: TFW you finally find your keys after looking for an hour
Person 2: Haha, I know that feeling too well!

What’s the use of YKTV Snapchat slang?

You Know The Vibe: YKTV is used to convey that someone understands the mood or situation without needing further explanation. Example:

Person 1: Got the squad together for another epic night! YKTV!
Person 2: Absolutely, can’t wait!

What does YKTS mean to Snapchat?

You Know The Score: YLTS is used to indicate that the other person is aware of the context or details of a particular situation without needing further explanation. Example:

Person 1: I’m so annoyed with what happened at the party last night.
Person 2: Yeah, YKTS, it was really messed up.

What do you mean by HIFW on Snapchat?

How I Feel When: This slang is used to describe a specific emotion or reaction in response to a situation, often accompanied by an image, meme, or GIF to illustrate the feeling. Example:

Person 1: HIFW I finally finished all my exams!.
Person 2: Cheer up!

WYWH meaning in texting on Snapchat

Wish You Were Here: WYWH is used to convey that someone wishes the other person were there to share in an experience or moment. Example:

Person 1: The beach is so beautiful today.
Person 2: Looks amazing! I wish I had been there too.

What’s the use of TIME Snapchat slang?

Tears In My Eyes: It is used to express that something is so funny or emotional that it brings tears to the person’s eyes. Example:

Person 1: Just watched the funniest video ever! TIME!
Person 2: Send it to me, I need a good laugh!

What does SSDD mean to Snapchat?

Same Stuff, Different Day: It is used to express that nothing new or exciting is happening, and things are pretty much the same as usual. Example:

Person 1: Hey, what’s up?
Person 2: Not much, just SSDD.

What does YNK mean to Snapchat?

You Never Know: YNK is used to convey uncertainty or to acknowledge that things can be unpredictable. Example:

Person 1: Are you going to the party tonight?
Person 2: YNK. Depends on how I feel later.

Snapchat Slangs 2024 Edition

HRUHow are you
WtMWhat’s the move
AMOSAdd Me On Snapchat
MKMmm, okay
ISTGI swear to God
HMUHit Me Up
LMSLike My Status
ASLAge, Sex, Location
FRLFor Real
ionI don’t
WYLLWhat You Look Like
NRSNo Replies
SMOSerious Mode On
TBHTo Be Honest
SCMSnapchat Me
ESBEveryone Snap Back
PUPop Up
HYHell yeah
IDMI Don’t Mind
SBSnap Back
ISKI Should Know
SUSwipe Up
TTMTalk To Me
LMRLike My Recent
SMHShaking My Head
FFFFollow For Follow
ICLI Can’t Lie
TFWThat Feeling When
YKTVYou Know The Vibe
YKTSYou Know The Score
HIFWHow I Feel When
WYWHWish You Were Here
TIMETears In My Eyes
SSDDSame Stuff, Different Day
YNKYou Never Know

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Every Snapchat Slang And Acronym Meaning Explained (2024)
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