How to Upgrade Secure Containers in Escape From Tarkov - Boosting-Ground (2024)

How to Upgrade Secure Containers in Escape From Tarkov

How to Upgrade Secure Containers in Escape From Tarkov - Boosting-Ground (1)

Secure Containers are undoubtedly one of the most important parts in Escape From Tarkov. They provide you with a secure space for some of your items so that you won’t lose them if you get killed before being able to get to the extraction point.

Each Container is different in size and the bigger one you manage to get, the more valuable loot you’ll be able to keep safe.

There are currently 5(technically 6, if you add the Waist Pouch)Secure Containers, with another one on the way and all of them carry a Greek letter as a name:

- Alpha Secure Container;

- Beta Secure Container;

- Epsilon Secure Container;

- Gamma Secure Container;

- Kappa Secure Container;

Battlestate Games mentioned adding another one - Omicron Secure Container, but so far we don’t have details on when it will actually be included in the game.

In this piece, we’ll go over each of the containers and how to improve them, so without further ado, let’s begin!

Alpha Secure Container

If you bought the standard edition of the game you are going to start with the Alpha Container. That’s the smallest one in the game and it’s just a 2x2, so it only has 4 slots.

You’re not going to be able to fit a lot of stuff in it, so it’s really important to try and get a better one as soon as possible.

Thankfully, the next best one - the Beta Container is not that hard to get. Although, some players prefer to skip it…

Beta Secure Container

To get the Beta Container you’ll need to buy the "Prepare for Escape" edition of the game, or trade it from the Peacekeeper.

This one is a bit bigger than the Alpha one, as it’s 2x3 three, resulting in two extra slots which are quite awesome and handy, considering this container is not that hard to get.

If you bought the standard edition of Escape From Tarkov and you want this container, you’ll have to trade for it with the Peacekeeper at level 2.

For the purchase, you’ll need:

- 1x 6-STEN-140-M military battery;

- 3x of Iridium military thermal vision module;

- 3x Virtex programmable processor

- And 5x Military cables

If you’re level 15, you can buy these stuff from the flea market, and based on the current values, they are going to cost you around 1.1 million rubles.

Epsilon Secure Container

As we mentioned above, some players like to hold off purchasing the Beta container and go straight up for the Epsilon one. The main reason is that it’s simply much bigger and not that hard to get. Well, unless you’re a new player, then it might be tricky.

Epsilon is a 2x4 container, so it’s basically two Alpha containers side by side. Those 8 slots can be very useful, but the only way to get Epsilon is through a questline from Prapor called The Punisher.

The quest has 6 different parts and will not be easy to complete if you’re a new player. In fact, it can be a brutal and miserable experience, unless you have 2 or 3 wipes behind you already.

That being said, if you’ve played the game a bit already, completing this quest is definitely a worthy goal to set yourself. And the reward is totally worth it.

Part 6 of The Punisher quest will have you kill 15 PMCs while using an SVD rifle(excluding Factory) and hand over seven dog tags from the BEAR and USECs each.

Once you complete part 6 of the quest, the Epsilon Secure Container will be yours.

If you held your 1.1 million rubles from not purchasing a Beta Container, you’ll find them useful here for buying the kits and gear you’ll need to get through the whole Punisher.

Just keep in mind that If this is your first wipe, this quest can be a pretty difficult task.

That being said, the whole Punisher series can be very rewarding. Apart from getting one of the better Secure Containers at the end, during the other chapters, you’ll get other cool rewards and quite a bit of EXP.

So if you have some games under your belt in EFT, it’s worth trying to complete it.

Gamma Secure Container

Modeled after the real-life “Protector” pistol case, The Gamma Container is the one you start with if you buy the “Edge of Darkness” edition of the game.

It’s a 3x3 container, which is slightly better than Epsilon, but unfortunately, at the moment there is no other way to get this one unless you purchase “Edge of Darkness”.

The good news is that if you already have Epsilon, you don’t really need those 2 extra slots that much. They can come in handy, but they won’t make a huge difference.

So don’t sweat it if you can’t get this one. It’s really more of a collectors’ edition with its special design and way of obtaining.

Plus, you can always focus on getting the next and best one - the Kappa Container.

Kappa Secure Container

The Kappa Secure Container is currently the biggest and baddest one in the game. It’s 4x3 which gives you 12 individual cells - 3 more than the Gamma Container, which is pretty huge.

And the best part is - anybody in the game can technically get the Kappa Container.

The problem is, it’s incredibly difficult to do so and if you’re a new player, it’s just plain impossible until you get quite good at the game.

To get the Kappa container you’ll have to complete almost every single quest in the game. Then, you’ll unlock another quest from Fence, called “The Collector”.

In order to complete this new quest, you’ll have to be level 62, which takes a long time to achieve and very few players actually have done it.

And in this quest, you’ll have to turn in every single streamer item in the game like the Veritas guitar pick, the Golden Rooster, the Loot Lord Plushie, etc.

There are around 30 items you’ll need to find and hand over, so it’s not going to be a piece of cake.

And while it’s cool to strive towards a super cool endgame item like the Kappa Container, if you’re a newer player, this one is probably going to be out of reach for a while.

That being said, as you get better in Escape From Tarkov, and with the addition of daily and weekly tasks, getting above level 60 is going to get easier. And if you really want this awesome container, if you put your mind and dedicate yourself to it, you can totally get it.

Bonus - the Waist Pouch

Technically there is one more secure container in the game called “The Waist Pouch”. It kinda looks like a fanny pack and it's a 2x2 just like the Alpha Container. The only way to get this one is through the Scav Case in your hideout.

The Waist Pouch is an old item from way back in the game, so it’s not really going to be useful to you. But if you like collecting items, you can always go ahead and get it.


And there you have it! Now you know how to get every single Secure Container in the game.

There are probably more on the way at some point in the future, but at the moment Battlestate Games haven’t given us any info on how many, or how big they are going to be.

The only thing we know so far is that there will be an Omicron Secure Container, but again, no info on its size, release date, and requirements to obtain.

Hopefully, this piece gives you a clear idea of how to improve your secure containers. Or at least gives you a target or a goal you can save up and push towards like the Epsilon or the Kappa containers.

It’s always nice to have a clear goal to work towards with a nice reward at the end of it.

Escape from Tarkov Boosting

Let’s face it, not everyone has the time or the desire to grind hours and hours every day, in order to obtain the best and super awesome end-game items like the Kappa Container.

But if you really want one, there is one more way to actually get it. It’s with a totally safe and actually affordable service called Boosting.

Boosting is a great and easy way to experience high-level gaming in challenging games like Escape From Tarkov.

It allows you to save time, effort, and a ton of stress by simply hiring a professional player to help you, or straight up do for you the annoying and extremely difficult stuff in the game.

Apart from securing yourself an awesome end-game item like Kappa Secure Container, with Escape From Tarkov Boosting, you can also:

- Level Up Much Quicker;

- Complete All Raids;

- Finish All Quests;

- Farm More Roubles;

- Upgrade Your Hideout;

- Defeat All Bosses;

- Unlock the Flea Market;

- Reach the Endgame;

And you can become a much better EFT player overall!

If you’re looking to take your gaming to the next level, and experience high-level gaming like never before, consider trying out a boosting service. It’s quite the game changer.

How to Upgrade Secure Containers in Escape From Tarkov - Boosting-Ground (2024)


How to Upgrade Secure Containers in Escape From Tarkov - Boosting-Ground? ›

You can also obtain bigger and better containers by progressing through trader quests and levels. Having a large secure container to keep valuables in can save you millions of roubles over time, so upgrading is one of the most important goals.

How to get secure container gamma? ›

If you own the "The Unheard" or "Edge of Darkness" edition of the game you will start with this container.

How to get secure container epsilon? ›

Epsilon Secure Container

Epsilon is a 2x4 container, so it's basically two Alpha containers side by side. Those 8 slots can be very useful, but the only way to get Epsilon is through a questline from Prapor called The Punisher. The quest has 6 different parts and will not be easy to complete if you're a new player.

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