Read When His Eyes Opened novel Chapter 1063 (2024)

Chapter 1063

That question came as a shock to Henry!

He had ignored a very important question.

If that Elliot was fake, then where was the real Elliot?!

As long as they could find the real Elliot, it would be easy for them to deal with the fake one!

“We can spend a bit of money to find out more about that man,” Cole said. “There are plenty of servants in Elliot’s home and we just need to bribe one of them.”

“I’ll leave that to you. I’m going to meet Nathan.”

“Why do you even need to meet him again?”

“It’ll be good for us if he’s on our side,” Henry said. “Elliot is too powerful. We’d have a better chance of winning if we have another person helping us.” “Why would he join us if he’s Elliot’s biological father?”

“Did you forget that I asked someone to beat him up a few days ago? I had them say it was done under Elliot’s orders, so he probably hates Elliot to death right now.” Henry smiled. “Elliot is busy preparing for the wedding, and this is our last chance to turn things to our favor.”

Cole nodded. “I don’t need to spend my time looking for a house or starting a business. As long as we can overthrow Elliot with this, we won’t have to worry about it for the rest of our lives.”

Henry contacted Nathan that afternoon.

Nathan’s nose and face were swollen after getting beaten up a few days ago, so he was recuperating at home when the call came.

He despised Elliot a lot, but the injuries on his body reminded him that Elliot was not someone he could afford to offend.

He failed to seize the opportunity when he had Adrian, and with Adrian gone, he no longer dared to act on an impulse.

Nathan looked at Henry with disdain when the latter arrived. “Why did you want to meet with me?”

“Who beat you up like this? Didn’t you say that your son is at the top of the food chain in Aryadelle?” Henry sat down on the sofa and joked, “Or was it your son who beat you up like this? I don’t think anyone would have the guts to beat you up like this, other than your son of course.”

Nathan was furious when he heard that. “What does it matter if my son beat me up? It’s none of your business! Don’t make me ask you twice. Why did you ask to meet?!”

Henry was not amused by his rudeness.

Judging from Nathan’s appearance, he would probably not say anything bad about Elliot in public even though he had been beaten to a pulp by the latter.

“I heard some rumors about you FUMquC<6 Elliot…”

“Oh, so you know about that? Like I care. Who’s going to get to my son when he’s in Aryadelle? Are you here to threaten me, you good-for-nothing? Get the hell out!” Nathan got up from the sofa and strode aggressively to Henry. He had a fierce expression that looked a little like he was going to devour Henry

Henry was so frightened that he immediately ran for the door.

After Henry ran away like a chicken, Nathan paced back and forth in the living room.

He wondered if it would be bad for Elliot if Henry found out.

Nathan was fine with asking Elliot for money, but he could not tolerate it if someone else did that to Elliot

After his dilemma, he reached for his mobile phone and dialed Elliot’s number.

Over at the Sterling Group, Elliot frowned when he saw Nathan’s call.

What else could that man be calling for? Was he going to ask for more money after spending everything?

Elliot did not want to answer the call, but he was afraid that Nathan would cause trouble after failing to reach him.

After answering the phone, Nathan’s coarse voice came blaring into Elliot’s ears. “You little brat! How could you be so cruel? Were you seriously planning on shutting me up for good? All I did was take some money from you, and now you have taken Adrian away from me too. What else did I do to offend you?!”

Elliot frowned because he had no clue what Nathan was blabbering about.

“Did you drink too much, Nathan?”

“Me? Drinking? How am I supposed to drink when I’m badly hurt?!” Nathan said angrily and planned to tell him what Henry discovered.

However, Elliot had already hung up!

Elliot called the bodyguard and asked, “Did you beat up Nathan behind my back?”

“No! I wouldn’t dare to do something like that without prior instruction from you.”

“Nathan called and said that I wanted to ‘shut him up for good’,” Elliot said. “Find out what happened.”

Read When His Eyes Opened novel Chapter 1063 (2024)
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