Sakura Stand: How To Obtain Every Stand & Spec (Updated) (2024)

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You’re gonna need more than just arrows!

byAlexis Ongsansoy

Sakura Stand: How To Obtain Every Stand & Spec (Updated) (2)

Playing and committing to Sakura Stand means you want to get to the highest rank imaginable. There’s plenty of ways to get there, but along the way you’ll also encounter other things like Stands or obtainable specs.

Each come with their own unique move sets and combinations that is sure to deal psychological anguish to your opponent.

Knowing is half the battle, so it’s best that you should know how to obtain every Stand & Spec that’s currently in the game.

Check out the quick guide below if you want to know more!

How To Obtain Every Stand & Spec (Updated)

There’s a total of 27 stands and obtainable specs you can get in the game. Some of them require the same item that can be found in Boxes located around the map.

There are also a few obtainable specs that don’t need a certain event in order to get. Here’s a quick list that shows you the items you’ll need and what they can get you.

  • Stand Arrow – It’s an arrow tipped with gold and molded into a fancy shape. Once the Arrow is used you’ll be able to respawn six other stands.
    • These stands include: Unwakened Dio (Shadow The World), Star Platinum, Whitesnake, Crazy Diamond, Golden Experience, and the Emperor.
  • Haunted Sword – The Haunted Sword is an obtainable item from The Anubis quest. Using this item will grant you the Anubis stand.
  • Hamon Manual – These can be found in boxes around the map. Use the manual to obtain Hamon. The only prerequisite in obtaining Hamon is to be standless.
  • Stone Mask – Using the Stone Mask as a standless will get you Vampirism. You can find one from Boxes or buy them from Auddy’s Shop.
  • Spin Manual – Will get you the Spin Spec if you’re Standless. If you already have a stand then the item will not be consumed.
  • Mysterious Camera – A camera complete with a Grey Lens, Black Outlines, and a darkened white fill. Can be used while Standless to get Summer Time, Rainy Time, or Winter Time. You can only get each stand depending on the weather or season.
  • Anubis – Required to get Anubis Requiem. You can get Anubis first with the Haunted Sword. To get to the next stand you need to interact with a thunder ring during stormy weather.
  • Mastery 6 – Levelling all the way to Mastery 6 will get you Eternal Wing.
  • Stop Sign – Just like with almost every other item, this too can be retrieved from Boxes or from Auddy’s Shop. This is used to get the Stop Sign Spec.
  • Mochi Mochi Devil Fruit – Has a 12.5% chance of spawning under trees every 45 minutes. Can also be bought for $1300. Eat the fruit to get Mochi Mochi No Mi Spec.
  • Bomu Bomu Devil Fruit – Gets you the Bomu Bomu No Mi Spec. The fruit can be found in a locked chest that spawns around the map. Just like the rest of the devil fruit, it can also spawn under trees.
  • Bari Bari Devil Fruit – Gets you the Bari Bari No Mi Spec. The method of acquisition is just the same with the rest of the fruit.
  • Nikyu Nikyu Devil Fruit – This devil fruit spawns under trees during the summer. Eat one to get the Nikyu Nikyu No Mi Spec.
  • Mastery 1 – You obtain this by levelling all the way to 50. The maximum mastery level is 15. You can level up by opening boxes, killing bosses, and players. Get to Mastery 1 to get Itadori Yuji.
  • Itadori Yuji – This spec is needed in order to get Gojo and Sukuna. Get the quest from the Gojo NPC and Kill Toji with Itadori Yuji.
  • Gojo – Needs Itadori Yuji while doing the rest of Gojo’s Quest. Other requirements include killing 5 curses, dealing 5000 damage, soak up 2500 damage, and collect 20 of Sukuna’s cursed fingers. All must be done while using Itadori Yuji.
  • Mastery 4 – Reach this mastery level to get Herrscher Of Flamescio.
  • Requiem Arrow – Use the normal Stand Arrow first to get Gold Experience. After that use a Requiem Arrow next to get Gold Experience Requiem.
  • Mastery 8 – Reach this mastery level to get Shinra.
  • Mastery 15 – Reach this master level to get Yuta Okkotsu.
  • Ryomen Sukuna – Get this by consuming 15 cursed fingers with Itadori Yuji.
Sakura Stand: How To Obtain Every Stand & Spec (Updated) (3)

You may notice that I missed out on Toji, Sakuya, Banner Specs (Cid, HoH) True Anubis, The World, and the remaining Pucci stands, including Cmoon & MiH, as well as Astolfo, and others – we have guides for them so make sure to check them out.

You’re going to look for a lot of boxes so better get started!

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Sakura Stand: How To Obtain Every Stand & Spec (Updated) (2024)


How do you get your spec back in Sakura stand? ›

The Rokakaka, or less known as Locacaca (known in the community as Roka) is an item obtained from Boxes, or being bought from Auddy's Shop. It is one of the most common items in the game. It is an important item in the game, as when used, it will reset the current ability/stand/spec that you are using.

How do you get stands in Sakura stand? ›

Stands, or "Abilities", are bizarre characters that follow behind you, each with their own move set. These said stands can be acquired (Mostly) by using an Arrow on Standless. Rokakaka Fruits can be used to reset stands. Some stands are acquired through different items, such as Vampirism(Stone Mask).

Is Anubis Requiem unobtainable in Sakura stand? ›

Obtainable? To get Anubis Requiem, you need to wait until a thunderstorm happens, which is a 1/20 chance of happening every time it rains (Which initially has a 1/8 chance of happening every 10 minutes in Autumn or Spring).

What is the best stand in Sakura stand? ›

Summary Table of Sakura Stand Tier List - January 2024
GodAnubis Requiem, Gold Experience Requiem, Star Platinum, Summer Time, White Snake
ACrazy Diamond, Eternal Wing, Gold Experience, True Anubis, Unawakened Dio
BAnubis, Emperor, Winter Time, Rainy Time
Jan 4, 2024

Is CID tradable in Sakura stand? ›

Requirements. If you want to trade for Cid, you need at least 12 mastery.

Who is Ichigo's girlfriend? ›

When Ichigo gets overwhelmed, Orihime saves him. Ten years after the war, Orihime marries Ichigo and has a son, Kazui.

What is Ichigo's highest form? ›

Ichigo's strongest form is the Horn of Salvation + True Bankai. In this form, Ichigo uses his Shinigami, Hollow, and Quincy powers all together. This should be LARGELY stronger than Mugetsu, due to being a drastic increase to his base form, his base form (True Shikai) being considered equal to the Mugetsu.

How to get Anubis Sakura stand? ›

You get Anubis by using a Haunted Sword on Standless. You get the Haunted Sword after completing the 1st quest given by Hika. If you have skin on your anubis you are not able to get second quest.

What is the rarest stand in world of stands Roblox? ›

Being a Legendary stand, The World is one of the rarest stands to get from an arrow, others being Killer Queen, Golden Experience, King Crimson and Star Platinum. An extremely powerful Stand that harnesses insane Speed, Power, Precision, and the ability to Stop Time.

How rare is Anubis stand? ›

This is the first Stand that has 3 Shiny Variants. Anubis is easily the stand you will see most in the entire game, because its rarity is common and everyone likes anime swords.

What tier is true Anubis in Sakura stand? ›

Summary Table
CRT: Gura, VST, Vergil, Made in Heaven, True Anubis, Cross, Astolfo, Winter Time, Summer Time, Rainy Time
DST: Utsuho, WT: Cirno, Crazy Diamond, FlamescionSpin, Standless, Eggkeeper, RT: Poseidon
EEggwand, Stop Sign: Bisento, Star Platinum, STW, Stop Sign, MEW
5 more rows
Apr 9, 2024

Who has Requiem stand? ›

In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden WInd an upgraded form of Stands known as Requiem was introduced. Officially, Giorno Giovanna and Jean-Pierre Polnareff are the only characters shown to gain Requiem Stands.

How to get a requiem arrow in sakura stand? ›

Chariot requiem is a boss with around 1000 hp and roams the entire map until killed Chariot requiem can also drop a requiem arrow when killed while attaining a quest from a turtle that spawns randomly on the map.

What is the max level in Sakura stand? ›

The max level is 50. Can reset level for mastery. Mastery can give stuff like stand and titles (gives boosts).

How to spawn deku in sakura stand? ›

To spawn the boss you simply have to go up to the light and hold E to "call upon" which will then summon Deku. Remember that when spawning Deku you will lose a stage of "One For All" and change to stage 3 and if you try to spawn him equipped with stage 3 you will drop to stage 2.

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