What Does AWL Mean On Instagram? Know 2 Fun Meanings Here!  (2024)

If you exist in the realm of Instagram or other social media platforms for that matter, you can never know enough slang. Because just when you think you’re the coolest person at texting, there comes a new, unknown abbreviation to make you question your judgment. For example, what does AWL mean on Instagram?

It’s probably yet another unknown slang term that you must have come across while scrolling through your feed or while talking to someone. And because you didn’t know what does AWL mean on Instagram, you couldn’t understand what was being said. But hey, things can’t go on like this forever. So, read this article till the end to know what does the trendy term “AWL” mean!

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Find Out What Does AWL Mean On Instagram Here!

A lot of people are wary of learning new acronyms simply because of the sheer amount of effort it takes. Almost every other abbreviation out there has various different meanings. But you’re going to be glad to know that this is not the case with AWL. Because this acronym only has like two different meanings on social media.

AWL stands for Always With Love and Absent Without Leave. If you want to know what does AWL mean on Instagram in a little more detail and also how the abbreviation is used in texting, then I suggest you keep scrolling through this post!

AWL As Always With Love

The most common answer to what does AWL mean on Instagram is Always With Love. It is used to communicate goodwill and affection. It is used to add a bit more warmth and personal touch to messages. Because of this, it is mostly used while texting with people you consider yourself close to.

Sometimes, it is also used to sign off messages as it brings a friendly and loving close to a conversation. For example, someone can say, “Hey, I had a great time with you today. Looking forward to making more memories with you. AWL.

Apart from this, AWL can also be used in captions under Instagram posts. For example, if you’re posting a picture with your best friend and talking about them in the captions, then you can end the caption with AWL. It lets other people know how much you feel for the other person, or how much you like and appreciate them, etc. In fact, using AWL in captions also adds a sentimental value to the captions and makes them look more heartfelt.

Now, if you’ve understood what does AWL mean on Instagram, here’s how you can use it in your text based conversations on the platform:

Katie: Even though it’s only been a day since you left. I miss you already.

Sarah: Hey, you know I miss you dearly, too. AWL.

Other Ways Of Saying Always With Love

Using AWL in your conversations seems quite wholesome and cute, right? Well, it is. But, apart from AWL/ Always With Love, there are some other terms that you can use as well. These terms are used to convey the same emotions, too. For example:

  • With lots of love
  • Love always
  • All of my love

Always With Love and any of the above-mentioned terms can be used interchangeably. So, you can try using them in your conversations as well.

AWL As Absent Without Leave

What Does AWL Mean On Instagram? Know 2 Fun Meanings Here! (2)

Another AWL definition & meaning on Instagram is “Absent Without Leave”. It is used to refer to a person who is supposed to be on reporting to their duty or work but they are not present there. It is likely that they have not come to work and they are someone else without any intimation or granted permission.

If you have understood what does AWL stand for in texting, here’s how you can AWL in text-based conversations in this sense:

Tom: Is everything okay with your uncle?

Katie: No, it isn’t. He’s AWL at work. So, he’s obviously in deep trouble.

Final Words

Okay, then! Now that you know what does AWL mean on Instagram, you may be one step closer to reclaiming your status as the coolest person on this social media platform! You can use AWL and its other variations when necessary to interact with people. And well, even though it will make a substantial difference to your texting game, I’m afraid it will not be enough.

You still need to inculcate more abbreviations in your vocabulary. For example, you need to know and use terms like DT, CLFS, FMB, etc. That will help you even more.

What Does AWL Mean On Instagram? Know 2 Fun Meanings Here!  (2024)
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